Airframe: Locust XH-1, spray-painted with custom-made decals
Crew: Funskool Streethawks

This was my first attempt at a vehicle custom with any significant amount of effort applied (which isn't really saying much compared to the efforts of some). But I like the sleek, minimalist look for this bird.

Flying Close Air Support (CAS) for the Night Vipers is the Cobra Nightstorm helicopter gunship.

Through some deft moves, Cobra (through Extensive Enterprises shell companies, naturally) acquired surplus Bell AH-1 Cobra (how appropriate) attack helicopters and brought them into service. These cost-effective purchases allowed for significant upgrades to avionics, sensor packages and stealth capabilities. The Cobra Nightstorm affords Night Viper teams some reasonably discrete stand-off overwatch and not-so-discrete direct fire support!

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