Custom Labels

When this vehicle came out, I (along with a ton of other people) fell in love with its potential. It really was a great vehicle the way it was, so all I added was a coat of paint and some labels. I envision a small fleet of these, with various weaponry fitted to them (hence the hastily fabbed logo to unify the group). The modern shape and style really seemed to fit what I view as typical Cobra war machines.

Cobra commissioned M.A.R.S. to create a multi-purpose vehicle that would have the capability of protecting their convoys of troop transports and serve as quick strike units when the troops had been deployed. The result was the SPEAR. An agile unit, it handles urban environments and rough terrain with equal ease. Specialized carbon fiber and Kevlar armor panels protect the four occupants, and the rear cargo area can be fitted with a variety of weapons and tools including a .50 cal. machine gun, surface to air or surface to surface missile launchers, communication equipment, or any number of other options. Its maximum speed is estimated at nearly 100 mph, while still maintaining significant towing capability when needed. Outfitted with integrated lift hooks, the SPEAR can be picked and placed by helicopter or dropped via parachute by cargo plane. Evolving from its origins as an escort unit, the SPEAR proved aptly named and became a favorite of the Cobra troops for leading an attack and softening defenses for the main assault. Equipped with thermal imaging assist, the vehicle is terrifically suited for night use. While available in camouflage versions, the SPEAR is most often seen in dark blue to better facilitate both night-time and urban assault environments. In the limited time since its inception, the vehicle has already gained a reputation as a fast, agile and tough fighter which has repeatedly issued more damage than it received in its conflicts with the GI Joe and US Armed Forces armored fleets. Little intelligence has been gleaned from those units that were destroyed in combat, as follow-up explosions indicate an automatic self destruct feature that appears to enable when the vehicle is incapacitated.

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