Jurassic Park Humvee
Dragon Fly Laser Cannon
Twin Anti Aircraft and Gatling Gun from Heavy Duty
Rocket Launcher - Elite Force
Gi Joe Rocket Launcher & Computer
Homemade October Gaurd and Soviet Flags

The Talon QSH is simply a product of the cold war and the Oktober Guards battle with Cobra. Using stolen Humvee plans from the U.S, the former Soviet Union developed an all-terrain vehicle that can handle the Siberian winters.

The Quick Strike Humvee is utilized as a quick demployment vehicle to take a small fighting force to forward Cobra basecamps. This troop transport and assault vehicle can do it all. This vehicle runs in a stealth mode making it virtually undetectable for sound and with twin assault capabilities it can deliver rockets and laser blasts to its target before the enemy is aware it is there.

The twin assault delivery system allows the two chairs to rise into the air and easily target the objectives.

I created this to compliment my Oktober Guard squad. I bought a Jurassic Park RV so I could develop it into an Oktober Guard vehicle/playset. When I won the Ebay auction I got all of these other Jurassic Park vehicles with it. I didn't want them to go to waste so here is the result. I have more pics for anyone interested.

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