Jurassic Park Mobile Command Center RV
Repainted Testors Midnight Blue
Power Team Anti-Aircraft Gun
Power Team Sandbags
Power Team Flagpoles with Custom Soviet Flags
Power Team Bunk and Rocket Launcher
Terror Drome Generator
Elite Force Laptop
Custom Made Door

The Oktober Guard, like GI Joe, has its own mobile command unit. Inspired by the movie "Stripes", Soviet Engineers came up with the Mobile Oktober Guard Command Unit. This vehicle is powered by a small nuclear reactor and can run in the wilderness without returning to base for 6 months. The mobile command unit has sleeping quarters seen in the forward part of the vehicle and a lab and computer command center in the rear. This vehicle alone is deadly to any Cobras that cross its path but is even dealiier when used as a command center in a frontline battle.

The MOGCU has a large anti-aircraft gun on the front with machine gun nest. On the rear of the first half there is a grenade launcher to repel a ground assault on the vehicle. Additionally, on the rear half you will find a rocket launcher and machine gun.

The MOGCU provides all the comforts of home on the field of battle. It is run by a former Cobra operative in Siberia that Cobra Commander tried to assassinate. Ivan Scarcovski was once the leader of Cobra ground forces in Siberia until Cobra Commander became paranoid that he was losing authority in the region to Scarcovski. So Cobra Commander tried to kill him but only succeeded in scarring him permanently. After Scarcovski recovered the Oktober Guard recruited him to run their MOGCU because of his extensive knowledge of Cobra and his vast strategic knowledge of combat.

I built this vehicle because I was inspired by the movie "Stripes" and saw the Jurassic Park RV as I was browsing Ebay for ideas. It seemed like a good fit and I am very happy with the way it turned out. I have a lot more pics for anyone interested. Three just does not do it justice.

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