Main body: MOTU Roton vehicle with the face sanded off and applied JB Weld to fill the holes and create a flatter surface.
Controls: Whirlwind controls, cut to fit and slanted inward.
Roll bars: Cobra Stinger.
Side guns: unknown.

Designed to mow down enemy infantry ranks and light vehicles, the Battle Ripper is just one more example of the dangerous ingenuity's at M.A.R.S.

With little usefulness outside it's primary function, production of this bizarre vehicle was kept low. However when fielded, this nightmare comes roaring to shred it's targets to nothing.

The main "blade" is Tungsten Carbide. There are laser cannons for ranged deterrence, fix mounted on each side.

Due to it's unique rotary drive, the 'Ripper can turn on a dime and while maintaining speed and "unidirectional" movement.

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