Whole robot: Lego-style bricks
Pilot Kobura: Slice v3 (?) (to be repainted)

I was shopping at a mall sometime for some spare G.I. Joe figures for use with customs, when I walked by this supermarket selling Lego-style bricks in buckets, complete with instructions to build a Ninja robot/helicopter Transformer-type robot.

Well, since I'm a Lego fan too, I decided to try some buckets out, and they didn't fail. I liked every one of them.

It wasn't until some time, after I bought a handful of G.I. Joe BTR sets that I got to thinking to convert one of there Lego-style sets into a Joe-usable vehicle/robot.

And I ended up with this result. Basically its the same design as per the instructions, but I just remodeled the torso and head area so as to be able to fit a G.I. Joe figure.

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