Main body: Cobra Mamba with its tail end sawed off;
Turrrets/cannons: G.I. Joe spring loaded accessories
Radar dish: Sonic Fighter Psyche-Out
Boosters/propellers: Mageknight base;
Mini-guns: Unknown (Transformers most probably)
Lower-end Radar unit: Also unknown (probably from an old Soul of Chogokin robot)

Ever since I got my first Cobra Mamba, albeit with broken rotors, I've wanted to turn it into a Cobra Sub (yes, submarine, more on that later), with its tail getting sawed off, and with the front pods being detachable submarines. It wasn't until years later when an acquaintance sold me his Mamba that I finally got to follow through with it using my spare Mamba for a custom.

Although upon finishing sawing out its tail end, the front end kept reminding me of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon, most probably due to its shape. And since I've been waiting for some time to make or find a vehicle for my 3 Star Corps line figures turned Cobra pilots (now astronauts), I decided to make it a space faring vehicle.

I researched for a good name, and ended up with Cobra H.Y.D.R.A., but was never able to get a good representation for that acronym. So since I've already renamed the figures beforehand (Starscream - communications; Thundercracker - weapons systems; and Skywarp - navigation) from Transformers' characters, I've decided on the Cobra Decepticon name.

Hope you like it! ;)

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