Plane: Liquidator 92 (modified)
Missiles: Liquidator 92
Drop tanks: Skystriker 84
Seat: Devilfish 86
Nose gun: Funskool Roadblock (modified)

This idea came straight from the cartoon and comics. I originally wanted to create a plane that was similar to the jets in the early Marvel run (I think they were MiG-21's). After watching the 1st episode of the original mini-series, it hit me how much the Liquidator looked like the jets attacking Joes (led by Major Bludd). I modeled the color scheme from them. I loosely used the Draken J-35's bomb array for this custom, that is why I used the Skystriker drop tanks. Filling in the hole where the handle was and adding a suitable cockpit were the major obstacles. I didn't think I'd ever get a pilot in an actual seat. It's a bit rough, but it works :D. The bottom took alot of filler and sanding. I'm really pleased with the bottom though.

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