Whole vehicle: bbi Super Humvee
Parts from several diffrent 21st Century vehicles (SEAL tactical Jeep, TOW Jeep, Bradley)
Camo netting: Build-A-Rama

I own both the Joe Jungle & Night Ops Humvees and had said that I would not buy another Hummer. What did I need another one for anyway?

I have been looking for quite a while for a decent vehicle to use as a fast attack/recon 4x4 for my SEALs for awhile, when I saw the bbi Super Humvee, I said: "Looks like I am buying a third Humvee!"
I love this thing! You can customize this thing with just what's in the box!

Here is a list of modifications I have made:

1. packs to the hood, sides and insides
2. added ammo crates to the left rear
3. changed the M-60 mount on the front
4. added a seat for the roof gunner
5. added a spare tire compartment behind the driver
6. added a fire extinguisher, also behind the driver
7. added another M-60 on the rear roll bar
8. move a seat to the rear deck
9. gave it a lift kit
10. paint job, of course
11. camo netting
12. removable gas tank, right rear
13. removable rocket launcher, right rear
14. added tools and shovel mount to hood
15. rifle rack in the back, with removable rifles and reloads for the rocket launcher
16. added the laptop for the front passenger
17. added on to the front push bar and added lights onto it

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