Whole vehicle: Sigma 6 Night Vamp
Random parts from bbi, 21st Century and GI Joe.

I really like the looks of the Night VAMP, but am a slave to the 1:18 scale stuff. So, like quite a few people, I customized it.
I added a digital camo paint job and loaded the back down with an extra gas tanks on both sides of the bed, two rocket launchers, a ski rack mounted on the right rear quarter panel which is made from a Snow Job v.1 backpack, skis and ski poles (of course) packs on the left rear quarter panel and on the back of the cab and a 50 cal Barret sniper rifle. I also used a Hardball v.1 backback and mounted it to the hood and added a take-down light using the flash light that came with Wet Suit v.2

It will seat two, but the figure I made this for has a ton of gear, so it ends up taking all of the extra space.

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