Skystriker Plane Shell
Missiles: Tactical Battle Platform

Ever since Tiger Force was introduced I always felt that they left out several key vehicles in the Tiger Force lineup.

One of the vehicles is the Skystriker airplane. While there is figure bearing the same name as the famous G.I. Joe airplane I only felt it was right that the Skystriker finally got its time in the spotlight.

The vehicle is based off of a normal Skystriker frame and there were no modifications done to it. I used Krylon Fusion Sunbeam Yellow and White and Krylon Mocca Tan paint for the overall paint scheme. All the black stripes were hand painted using black Testors model paint.

The stickers were provided by using a set of J.Ruben's Skystriker and Tiger Rat Sticker Sheets. In all I am very pleased with how this custom turned out and I consider it my best custom to date.

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