G.I.Joe Skystriker XP-14F
Cobra decals: 334th G.I.Joe Company

Discovered in an airplane junkyard, and bought through a ghost company, this prototype of the G.I. Joe Skystriker XP-F14 was updated to be armed and equipped with the latest technology illegal money can buy.

Cobra's DARTs (Defense/Attack Technology Section) was given the task to create 3 squadron of 24 jets, before they could acquire more aircraft, the government changed the laws on non-government ownership of military jets. Production is suspended for the moment until raw materials and machineries can be obtained from various sources around the world.

This XP-14F was named Cobra Hood with its primary purpose is to intercept and destroy air targets in all types of weather day and night. Cobra Hood can fly at supersonic speed assisted by its variable-sweep wings as well as twin engine made by Destro Defense Industries. The jet is armed with the standard 15mm machine gun, 2 Hood heat-seeking missiles, 2 Black-Bird radar guided air-to-air missile and 2 highly expensive Fang long-range air-to-air missile. Cobra Hood is also capable of attacking ground targets when needed.

A crew of two is needed to fly the Hood (Pilot & RIO).

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