Night Attack Copter: main body, rotors
Dragonfly/ Locus: skids, winglets, missles
Tomahawk: seats

The UH56B Cherokee was developed to fill the void between the heavily armored 2 person Apache and the troop carrier Blackhawk. Both are outstanding in there own right, but lack the ability of the other. That is were the Cherokee fits in, it is a very fast and powerful attack helicopter that has the ability to carry six troops (4 seated, 2 in the doors) and a crew of one. The Cherokee has a very advanced computer targeting system that allows the pilot to also serve as the gunner. It also has new technology rotor blades that allow maximum lift while quieting the thud noise as it passes through the air making it easier to sneak into LZ's in enemy territory.

First thing I did was remove all the gimmicky stuff off this chopper. Next was to gut the inside and remove those gay gold running boards. Using sheet plastic I made a new cargo deck and back wall, as well as covering over the hole left by the trigger grip in the bottom. The chairs from the Tomahawk were mounted facing each other to allow easy access. The cannon was shortened and the barrels drilled for look. The winglets were mounted a the end of the NAC wings after the spring loaded launcher was removed. The skids were cut in half and mounted through were the front wheels and the wing lockdowns were. I wanted to change the rotors but didn't have any suitable donors at the time, so a little black paint helps them out quite a bit from that awful gold. I was originally building this as a Cobra helicopter but loved how it started to turn out so I decided to paint it camo and make it for my Delta Team.

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