A "Police Force vs. Bad Guyz" (Chap Mei) ATV, I really liked this huge thing, and the colors seemed to work well (very swampish). The rockets came out of my bag-o-missiles, not sure where the Gatling came from. The pintle is a plastic coat hanger.

Burn Out's Super Quad

The Nok's went to a monster truck show one weekend. Among all the Bigfoot wannabe's and T-rex car crushinators was this pumped up ATV. Burn Out liked it so much he took it home with him, after a brief scuffle with security. All the other Nok's enjoyed the resulting brawl also, and Thrasher loved putting the cannon and missiles on it.

While the Chap Mei line sometimes has a bit outsized vehicles, I rather like some of them, this quad in particular just screamed Dreadnok at me wheni saw it.

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