A "Police Force vs. Bad Guyz" (Chap Mei) ATV, I really liked this little guy with the machine gun and aerodynamic fairings. I decided it needed to be Monkeywrench's new ride. I put both Dreadnok and Cobra sigils on it just because Thrasher is so used to slapping Cobras on their equipment.

Monkeywrench's Quad

Monkeywrench has always had an affinity for quads. But after a while, the old Cobra Ferret has gotten a bit tired and old. One night, Torch and Monkeywrench went to the local ATV dealer in the early morning hours and did some shopping and helped themselves to one of the newer floor models (as well as the contents of the safe!!). Thrasher hooked it up with some custom bodywork and a machinegun liberated from a FANG III (it has been chopped down some). He also souped up the engine to keep up with the rest of the 'Noks on their bikes. Now Monkeywrench is just looking for an opportunity to use it on the Joes or a New Jersey Turnpike tollbooth.

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