A Police Force (Chap Mei) FAV I swapped the guns from the air boat to give this a bigger kick. I also took off the spare tire from the hood and put a Power Rangers hatch there to break it up a bit. No paint job, just some Dreadnoks decals.

DC Striker

Both being gym rats, Crusher and Demolisher have formed a rough and ready friendship and they have decided to share a ride. Going against the recent trend of grape soda purple, they have opted to have Thrasher paint the Striker "Power Ade" blue. Equipped with a 14.5mm Soviet Bloc AA gun up on top, a very effective weapon in the ground support role against personnel and light armored vehicles. Burnout designed and built the Striker, since Thrasher refused to do anything but paint it. Thrasher claimed it was too "Joe-ish" both in design and name.

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