Entire vehicle is a Scopedog SA.
Railgun: 21st Century M-60

World War IV.

Almost four hundred years since the Nazi Blitzkrieg overran what was once Europe.

The map has changed, but the goals have not. World conquest and domination.

The weapons are not as one might think. What good is a world scared by nuclear blasts and fallout? How to subjugate a populous that has been infected with a bioweapon that may infect your own people? How to rule a land that has a constant cloud of Sarin hanging over it?

No, the weapons must not ruin the land or the people. Merely those who defend it. Those weapons must be state of the art. The newest and most high tech available.

Those who possess those weapons will write history.
There is a small team of mercenaries who seem to have the market cornered on such weapons.

Team Apocalypse.
The leader is a man of the shadows, but his men and weapons are not......

CLASS: Devil
MODEL: Devildog
PILOT: Cmd. Marko Ramius VI

The Devildog is a small frame Devil class mech. It's smaller frame allows for the upgrade of an airborne assualt pack which allows flight capablility. It is armed with a railgun designed for the lost art of the sniper as well as sustained heavy fire.
It is piloted by Commander Marko Ramius IV, desendant of the legendary submarine commander. Further biographical information will be available soon on Cmd. Ramius.

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