everything from LEGO-style bricks

The Battle between good and evil has now reached the deepest depths of the seas. Cobra has created a prototype attack sub, the Cobra Archelon, that can withstand the pressure of the deepest seas, and looks to use it to stake their claim on the underwater kingdom.

I always loved Lego. I bought some Lego-type robot brick sets last Christmas, and decided to modify them to fit GI Joe figures. My Cobra Archelon is the 2nd brick-vehicle I made (Cobra Jinzouningen being my 1st - see related post here at Joecustoms). I modified it in a way that it could "transform" from attack sub to attack robot. (The original design was just limited to a robot mode - see attached picture below). It seems a little bulky at the cockpit for me, but good enough to keep on display. Since I still have some blocks handy, hopefully I can find time to create a version 2.0 that has a slimmer cockpit. Hope you guys like it!

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