Skystorm X-Wing Chopper

A.S.P.- Guns

Yellow- Krylon Fusion Sunbeam Yellow

Red- unkown

Black Stripes- hand outlined with marker, filled with black paint pen.

Entire chopper coated with Plaid Matte

I am a sucker for Helicopters. I had picked up the shell of a Skystorm X-Wing Chopper at the PA Joe Custom's picnic two years ago. It lacked almost all the parts. So I decided I'd Tiger Force it !
Tiger Force uses captured Cobra vehicles and modified GI Joe vehicles. As the Skystorm I picked up was stripped I decided to strip it some more and removed the front gun mounts. I also modified the areas under the wings and then affixed A.S.P. guns. These modifications and Tiger Force paint scheme were touched off by the addition of the original decals that I managed to remove fairly easily.

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