Small toy Humvee
Battle stand
Pen tube
Nylint Fireman's pike
Crosscut saw piece from Jack Straws game

This is another of my cheap custom creations. I like to think I'm pretty good at making things out of junk. I was looking in my bag of junk I use for customizing and saw a set of wheels from an old model car and thought, "I should make a segway." Most of the pieces I used were in the junk bag, but I used a broken toy Humvee for the wheels because they were a better size than the model car wheels and I could leave the piece in between them for the base. I also used a piece of the grill guard for the kick stand. I figured it fit Big Brawler the best, so I gave my custom Brawler a real working fanny pack so he can carry whatever he needs while he's chasing down Cobra.

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