-Cobra Hurricane
-Pac Rat laser
-Missiles from various vehicles

I customized this plane because I really liked the design of it, but I always disliked the original colors, so I made a complete history of the plane and pilot to custom it.
I named it the Black Dragon. It's a secret Joe asset, that appears in the climax of an air battle, making a huge difference for the good guys.
The plane is a cobra hurricane with new prototype weapons. It was in experimental training and the Black Dragon pilot stole the plane and blew out the hangar with all info about the plane and weapons systems, so cobra never rebuilt the plane. Cobra never thought that some body used for attack their troops.
The Black Dragon pilot its a excellent combat pilot in all kind of aircraft, Ace tried to intercept him at the end of a battle but he couldn't catch him. The only Joe that had any contact with him was Snake-Eyes, but he kept his relationship secret for their mutual benefit.

So I hope you enjoy my custom plane the Black Dragon!!!, thanks for looking!!

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