Septic Tank Body
Septic Tank Treads
Snow Cat Rear End
S.L.A.M Cannons
Spare Machine Gun
Custom Turret Mount
PTE M1 Abrams Tracks
PTE M1 Abrams Bogey Wheels
Misc. Parts from the MCC
Misc. Parts form Battleforce 2000 vehicles.

Tired of loosing valuable H.I.S.S Tanks to G.I. Joe attacks. Destro challenged his MARS Engineers to come up with a redesigned H.I.S.S. tank that could fire artillery from a long distance. In response to Destro's challenge the MARS Engineers came up with the H.I.S.S Mark V. Using scavenged parts from abandoned G.I. Joe vehicles left during some of their many battles, they combined the high speed of the H.I.S.S. tank the heavy artillery of one of G.I. Joe's S.L.A.M. Artillery Cannons. The combination of these two vehicles makes the H.I.S.S. Mark V the deadliest of the H.I.S.S. Series tanks.

This customs is a remake of an earlier custom that I submitted. Some of the improvement made were were enclosing the Slam turret, reworking the rear of the vehicle as well as making it longer and redoing the tracks to make them completely movable.

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