Repainted Mortal Kombat Dragon Wing.
Aft gun: CORPS hummer
Forward gun: 25th VAMP
Extra guns and canons: unknown sources

I had planned in repainting this ship for years. I was never really happy with the original colors; even though I do like black and red, just not here. I started with the wood planks on the floor, sides and pontoons. I applied a base coat of Reaper Miniatures Oiled Leather. Then I dry brushed Reaper Miniatures Aged Red Brick, for wood-grain texture. I finished it off with Reaper Miniatures Flesh-shade Ink, that I wiped off (while wet) with crumbled paper towel. That last coat allowed the wood grain to show through and darkened the wood look. I repainted all rope parts flat white; then dry brushed light oiled leather. All mast parts were repainted Aged Red Brick with Steel paint on the balls and bowl. The straps on the ship's body and pontoons were repainted with Flesh shade ink, it gives it a bronze look. Sideplanks, Aft gun and sails were repainted flat black with indoor/outdoor spray paint. For the steel look paint I mixed 5 parts Folk Art Metallic Silver Sterling (acrylic) with 1 part Folk Art Pure Black (acrylic) and repainted the Ship's guard rail, bottom, pontoon front and rear parts and the harpoon canon. The harpoon and grate (on the deck) were repainted chrome. This was a time consuming repaint, but I am pleased with the outcome. Now the Dragon Wing looks much better. This was repainted to for the figure Claire Lerouge, that I posted earlier.

The ship's name is Chaos Destiny, it is a Chinese Junk. The ship runs on wind power, there are no engines. Being a small sailing ship, the Chaos Destiny can sneak under other ship's radars. Where Claire and her crew of Dreadnok pirates can get in close and plunder the ships.

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