R.A.M. Motorcycle (25th line).
R.A.M. stickers (25th line).
Gold Destro stickers (reproduction labels).

I had an extra 25th Anniversary R.A.M. I was considering giving it away when I came up with this idea. I first came up with the idea of giving the Iron Grenadiers another vehicle, and then what the purpose and name would be for the vehicle. The colour scheme was based on most of the Iron Grenadier vehicles. Black, Gold and Red.

S.C.R.A.M. stands for Special Communications & Rapid Acquisition Motorcycle. The idea was that Destro was an astounding field commander, in the comics, and as such he planned for any situation. This motorcycle was his contingency plan for jammed communications. He would have some of his Iron Grenadiers ready to go with his orders on the battlefield. They could quickly reach each battle group with updated orders should communication lines be compromised. Of course the vehicle needs some weapons, just in case!

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