PTE Raptor Vehicle

I picked up one of the PTE F-22 Raptors from Toys R Us, however the one that bothered me was that it was painted black even though it has never flown in black paint. So with that I plan on repainting mine in more traditional color. Since I have it taken apart I thought I would add a few modifications that I want to make to mine first before I start painting it. My goal was to get rid of the "Air Superiority" look and turning it back in to the "Stealth" look. This will included removing all the missile mounts from both wings as well as cutting up the the bottom of the plan where the Internal storage bays are and creating working doors and designing an internal bomb bay so that the missiles can be stored inside of the plane like a true stealth plane would have. Once I got all that finished I painted it in the traditional F-22 Raptor paint scheme.

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