Sigma Six 2.5 HISS Tank
Fusion green and black
Testors paint markers

Hey Everyone, your ol Budy Stock Shocker here with the first in Kinicorps newest line of Military Grade Kini Accessories. Up for sale today we have the brand new, fresh off the Line Viper Armored Personnel Carrier. No longer your run of the mill snakey tank, this baby comes armed to the teeth with not two, but four missile batteries, two rifle emplacements, and a 50 cal. chain gun. This puppy has more than enough power to take down any enemy combatant. Once you break through their lines deploy the patented portable bunker and hover command pod, and head back for more troops. With spacious seating and ample speed you will be the envy of your ops team with the keys to this bad boy in your pocket. yours for only 25.8 mil on the dollar. Order yours today.
**Notice..Kinicorp is in no way affiliated with a certain real American hero, their enemy or any other 3.75 inch figure line. Kinicorp does not condone bloodshed or genocide. Please use our death machines responsibly.****

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