ABS plastic sheet, ABS drainpipe, car filler, metal rod, over 8 meters of various sized L shaped column, R/C tank treads and wheels, SW scout walker hatch, SW speederbike controls, metal coat hanger, custom made kit bags, metal fire grill, metal curtain hooks, mahogany beams, Build-a-rama seats/ netting and stowage, Marauder John accessories, various Joe weapons/ accessories, Killuminati cast flasks and crates, games workshop shields, AvP keychain chains (for Viper - thanks mate!), 25th Buzzer jerry cans, PTE jerry cans, Chap Mei oversized rifles/ padlock and chains, Konami Alien base, bottles from dolls house, and much more.

With the Indy line dying, I had to make one of these from scratch. It cost over $450 in materials and about two months of work. It's 100% playable and pretty much bomb proof. It features rolling treads, moving turret with opening hatch, removable functional kit bags/ camo netting and stowage, removable weapons, moving side turrets, escape hatch, weapon crates, rifle rack, detailed cockpit with rotating chair, removable top section and grill, removable barb wire rolls, removable wood unditching beams and much more.

Special thanks to Dave Lee (Viper), Killuminati, Marauder John, Richard at Netsavedirect and Mark Vuncannon.

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