2001 Black A.W.E. Striker (Came with Pathfinder)
Storage Bins: 25th Armadillo

Krylon Fusion Satin Black Spraypaint
Krylon Oxford Blue Spraypaint

Testors Dullcote and Glosscote

Decals from Cobrastickers.com Fang Sticker Set, Hiss Number Sheet and Cobra Symbol Sheet

I got lucky and won this on ebay mint in box for 10.00, and was planning on using it for my Joes. Then I realized that it had the original RAH sized footpegs and some horrible looking decals. As well as bad weathering paint apps all over it.

I dremeled off the old footpegs and superglued some new ones from some 25th figure stands. I added some extra pegs onto the rear fenders as well so it now carries 6 figures instead of 4.

I still didn't like the "dirty" paint scheme alongside my newer vehicles. I couldn't find any Blue Fusion paint I liked, the Oxford Blue matches the Blue Target Exclusive Hiss Tanks really closely. It looks a little more purple thanks to my camera, but in real life it looks pretty damn close. But it didn't come in the Fusion style.

I've had bad experiences painting vehicles and then having the paint scratch off. I ruined a Spytroops Jungle Ops Humvee last year, not being aware of Fusion Spraypaint.

I disassembled the A.W.E. Striker, painted the main body with the Fusion Black, let it dry for a day or 2 and then went over it in the Oxford Blue, followed by Dull and Glosscote. I ended up painting the tires black as well, due to their having brown "mudd" spatter on them. I left the rest of the vehicle's parts in their original colors.

The paint bonded really well, and I went on to paint my Cobra appropriated Armadilloes immediately after. I just barely got the Decals today to finish this and my CG Mini Tank today.

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