Shell Hiss Tank
Turret from 25th (Target)

HISS tanks have been one of the Cobra organizations primary combat vehicles for decades, and have been involved in engagements with Joe forces dozens of times. It is unsurprising that the Joe team has captured a few of these combat vehicles over the years. Used on ranges and in training primarily, Clutch and Rock 'N Roll spent a lazy Sunday morning painting a refurbished model up in Tiger Force colors. This armored workhorse can move out at a pretty good clip for assaults and is armed with a pair of turret mounted cannons that can be used for devastating effect. Being able to transport a 2-man strike or recon team on the rear battle platform makes for a very versatile and deadly addition to the Tiger Force arsenal

I have had a Tiger Hiss planned on paper since about the early '90s when I laid out my whole Joeverse on paper, but did not have the figures or toys to truly represent it. I also saw a picture of a Tiger Hiss Custom at the 2004 Joecon which was absolutely amazing. It just makes sense that the Joes would have quite a few of these around, and one would make its way into the ranks of Tiger Force. And having Mercer man the vehicle also made too much sense to me.

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