Entire Base Vehicle Firebat
Guns, Missiles and Rockets 25th Firebat

The Cobra Firebat has been in the Cobra inventory for quite a while, and has been involved in engagements with Joe forces several times. The Joes have been on numerous missions to capture avionics black boxes, or to gain intel on terror dromes so It is unsurprising that the Joe team has captured one of these superlative aerial interceptors. When the Tiger Force became more of a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) stationed at the Pit III, Skystriker had the grease monkeys paint up a captured Firebat in TF colors and install a launch silo mechanism in one of the surface quonset huts. It's high speed, agility, compact size and downright lethality makes it a good choice for it's role.

I have always wanted a Tiger Bat, since about 1988 or so when the Mail Away Firebat first came out. What better cobra aircraft to steal and refurbish than the Firebat? A good complement to the Tiger Rat, or possibly a replacement.

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