25th RAM

Krylon Fusion Spraypaint

Decals from Cobrastickers.com

I never had the RAM growing up, now that the 25th Anniversary version has come out I want several. I finally got a 3rd one on evil-bay really cheap, and immediately pulled everything off that could be taken off. I taped off the rest with masking tape, quickly sprayed it, and 30 minutes later I was applying the decals.

I love repainting vehicles for cobra use. Next few RAMs will either be black or blue, not sure which, and will be for the normal Cobra Troopers to ride around on. I also want to get a few extra Sky Hawks, the Mobile Battle Bunker, and the Mobile Command Center and go crazy, but that's probably not going to happen for awhile.

Anyway, Crimson Guardsmen currently use this vehicle for recon missions and also for relaying orders in person to the front line troops during battle.

M.A.R.S. spokesmen have not yet responded to accusations of becoming lazy and simply reverse engineering stolen vehicles from the Joes' motorpool, rather than coming up with new and diabolical designs.

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