25th Desert A.W.E. Striker
Krylon Fusion Satin Red (Main Body)
Krylon Fusion Satin Black (Seats & Undercarriage)

Decals From Cobra Stickers.com

Thought of doing this right after I finished the Blue one. Kept putting it off, thinking I was going to want to keep at least one tan A.W.E. Striker for my joes, so I should probably wait to buy another one.

Then I was really, really bored one Saturday and was desperate to paint SOMETHING. I looked at the vehicle with it's crooked factory applied decals and something just snapped.

I tore everything off, scrubbed it down with some Wet Ones and proceeded to paint the hell out of it. Giving myself some mild heatstroke and an asthma attack from all of the paint fumes managing to seep through my painter's mask.

After applying the decals I like this even better than the first one I did. My Crimson Guardsmen went from having just a few H.I.S.S. Tanks to a whole freakin' convoy.

I think they need some Air support now. Maybe a few F.A.N.G.s and a couple of Flight Pods?

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