Entire Vehicle:


The S.N.A.K.E. II is an updated version of the earlier power-armour known as the "System: Neutralizer-Armed Kloaking Equipment". Rebuilt and refitted by Dr. Cassandra Knox, the new version which is being operated by the special brand of soldiers called Infra-Vipers, (read more about those posted separately by Captain Tazer), is less clumsier thanks to several servo-motors installed in the key joints, and more heavily armoured.

The most notable change is that this power-armour cannot be operated by any other than the Infra-Vipers. With their surgically altered genetics, they mostly control the machines with a mind-link which can be compared with a remote-control to drive the servos into action. The mecha serves them as an exo-skeleton that responds to the brain-impulses of the driver, and work symbiotically with them just like a biological body-part would do. The S.N.A.K.E. II isn't just equipment: it's an extension of the human.

Personal Comments:

I liked the design of the Pulverizer, but not the concept. And I especially did not like Ghost Bear: he being a son to Kwinn was plain silly. So I threw him away in a box and created a new driver and re-colored the vehicle to make it look like a little reminder of its predecessor, but still keep up the idea of it being a power-armour. I like it a whole lot better now.

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