Star Wars Clone Wars V-Wing Fighter
Rattler Bombs
Green Stuff Putty

Paint used:

Valspar Burgundy
Walmart ColorPlace brand flat black
Rustoleum Aluminum

Repro decals from J. Reuben

Cobra needed an updated high altitude bomber aircraft with fighter capabilities, thus they created the Python Stellar Stilleto Mk.II.

When I saw this in the toy aisle the first thing I thought of was an updated Cobra Hurricane. A friend of mine suggested going Python Patrol on it. After some thought I opted to do that. This is the first time I did the pattern in the traditional Python Patrol colors. Overall, I am very happy with it. I removed the droid on top and added a swiveling cannon mount - I have no idea what it is from, found it in a box of fodder that was given to me. I also took some green stuff putty to the undercarriage and used the bomb tabs from a damaged rattler and molded them to it.

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