Sky Patrol Skyhawk
Razorback missiles

Slipstream V1: legs, torso, arms
Wildbill V1: waist
Head is from a Viper V1 cast from a friend

Paint used:

Walmart brand ColorPlace flat white
Walmart brand Color Place flat black
Krylon Fusion Royal Blue
Walmart brand Color Place primer gray
Apple Barrel brown, black, gray on figure

Cobra managed to acquire a Skyhawk or two. Took it in and added Python armor to it. Keeping with the Python theme. The pilot also got the treatment. Vipers were chosen as pilots. Seeing as how the experimental aircraft should be manned by those who are the most easy to replace.

Took a beat up Sky Patrol Skyhawk and repainted it. Keeping with my idea of liking the Python pattern, just not the original colors used. I opted to use the deep sky colors that can also be used in winter scenery. The pilot sort of came together and this was the first time I tried spray painting the pattern on a figure.

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