All ROC Snake Traxx

Krylon Fusion Satin Black
Kryln Satin Oxord Blue

Ok, if you've seen any of my cobra vehicles customs on here, ya had to see this color coming...

I now have another ferret that matches my blue hiss tanks, ram, armadillo and awe striker. Doesn't need to be the same blue as the original, that is not what I'm going for here. I figure that one will be re-released at some point. And I still can't find a decent blue that matches it.

Having learned from small mistakes on the previous two, I think this one is pretty damn close to perfect. My wife is a little weirded out by my using a bunch of ky jelly when putting the tires onto the painted axles, and the missiles onto each side.

It was messy but it worked. No paint was scraped off when I put everything back on, so I had no touch up work afterward like usual.

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