25:th Snow Hiss with the top gun from the blue JvC Hiss Tank

Serpentor is not much for using equipment stolen from Cobra, but he makes an exception with his personal Hiss Tank - the Coil 1. To lead his legions in a gold-colored captured Hiss is his way of saying that he is once ruled and led Cobra against his enemies during the first Cobra civil war from his lead Hiss, and that he is destined to do so again. He also takes the opportunity to repeat his way of treating his prisoners in a special fashion from that time, something that the Baroness is not eager to re-experience.

Personal comments:

I did not plan to do this vehicle - it was just a way to get rid of that silly Snow Hiss that I recently got. I find no point with a white-colored Hiss, if Cobra snow-troopers need to use tanks in their battles, I'm perfectly fine with the regular black ones. But I did feel that my Serpentor could use with some more vehicles of his own, and it was fun (yet sadistic) to repeat a scenery from the marvel-comics using one of my Baroness-figures in this fashion.

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