U.S.S. Flagg
cardboard gun station

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The Cobra Sea Serpent is the ultimate weapon in the Cobra arsenal. It was originally the second Navy ship to be issued to the G.I. Joe team. However, when the Pit was mothballed and the team disbanded, the ship was sold in a military surplus auction.

The ship was then taken to Destro and M.A.R.S. and completely overhauled. Many parts were discarded but many, many more secrets were added by Destro. The Sea Serpent is now known to have a "Cloaking" field and 2 Vulcan laser cannons on the bow thanks to Destro.

When the ship was returned to Cobra, Copperhead was promoted to the Admiral position in the Cobra Navy and given total control of the ship. The ship is almost completely automated. What little manual tasks are needed are run by the Cobra Navy Officers.

The ship carries with it the following at all times:
2 Rattlers
1 Mamba
1 Trubble Bubble
1 Water Moccasin
2 Night Landing Rafts
A squad of FANGS
A complement of BATS overseen by Overkill himself
Escorted at all times by a single Moray, 2 Mantis subs, and 2 Man-O-Wars

With all that firepower, it is no wonder why the Cobra Sea Serpent is the king of the 7 seas!

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