4 toy pull back cars, for propulsion. 3 repainted toy motorcycles, and the rest made from foamboard and posterboard. The top-mounted guns are made from disposable shaver handles.

I made this for a contest on Hisstank.com. The contest was for figures and vehicles from alternate joe storylines. I chose the episode entitled "Worlds Without End" in which a group of joes were sent to a world in which Cobra had succeded in taking over the world. In my entry background, some of the Joes managed to make it back to their own world and a few Joes stayed behind to organize an underground resistance group against Cobra. The Joes who stayed went back to their old headquarters to strip it of anything they could use, and found this vehicle in one of the garages, a half-sized version of the General Mobile Command Center. It was unarmed and they used it to carry all the supplies they scavenged from their base and later used it as a mobile strike carrier for their raids on Cobra positions.

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