-Roc rockslide atv artic
-figure bases
-paint wear
-drill wear

I made this custom, because I really like the arctic vehicles, but when I saw this one I was very disappointed. First the color. That light blue and the camo, was horrible!! The worst part was that the box didn't show the cabin. So the buyer doesn't know if this is a vehicle like the batman lines with the figure integrated in to the vehicle. The last thing, those giant missiles! When the buyer gets it out of the box, this vehicle looks like a vehicle for a children's line, you know 3-5 years. I looked at the piece for some time and I thought , with a few changes this vehicle will be awesome.

I started the job cutting the back surface of the vehicle to make a place to put some figure equipment. Then I cut the missiles to get smaller ones. In fact, you can't see them but there are inside the cannons, and this change converts this vehicle in a potential dangerous toy. The vehicle with the missiles with that size, shoot extremely fast and powerful.

I kept the ski supports on both sides of the vehicle. I made those with a figure base from the vintage Joes.

Then I made the windshield a clear piece, and the last part was repainted with a white base, light gray camo, and put dirty effects. I applied decals, and then put a frost paint effect for more realism. I covered the windshield part for get a clean effect on the windshield.

The last step was to cover the vehicle with a flat clear finish.

As a result of the job, I have a nice arctic atv for my collection with great options. Thanks for looking. Enjoy!!

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