Main Chassis: 85' Bridgelayer. Blade Assembly: 85' Bomb Disposal. Jack: 86' Surveillance Port. Floodlight: 85' Check Point Alpha. Hydraulics and winch parts: Unknown. Bogey wheel: 85' Bridgelayer. Hook: 86' Tomahawk. Tiedown rail: 88' Warthog. Decals: Various.

In any venture, especially during combat, there are situations when obstacles, natural or otherwise, impede forward progress. The terrain is not always suitable, equipment sometimes breaks down, and IEDs sometimes make the going rough, to say the very least. It is necessary, then, in such situations, to have a well-equipped support crew to aid in overcoming such impedances. This is where the Bulldog comes in. Utilizing the same frame as the venerable Bridgelayer, and the same HTS-T2 Forced-Induction 1700HP Turbine Engine, it is indeed a workhorse . . . and one that has saved many a day for the Joe Team.

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