Main Body/Treads: Night Rhino
Missiles, Smoke Launchers, Hatches, & Machine Gun: Warthog

Decals: Night Rhino, Snake Traxx. Hiss Tank, and Cobra Faction Symbols From Cobrastickers

While I love the original Hiss Tank, I was always a little miffed you couldn't fit more troops in it, and Hasbro's Hiss II looked a little too Battleforce 2000 for my tastes. I had an idea of chopping up several Hiss Tanks to try and make the larger, double turret version Cobra Commander was riding around on in the beginning of Pyramid Of Darkness, but shelved that idea for awhile.

I went down to my parent's house last summer and dug around and discovered most of my Night Rhino. Found everything except for one Smoke Launcher.

I had to make this into a Cobra Command Weapon.

Once I got home I thought about what I wanted to do with the thing. It was too shiny and the gold hatch covers and antenna didn't do much for me. I ordered a few Warthog parts on ebay- Then won a fully complete Warthog with a broken door. I transplanted all of the gray parts onto the Rhino. I tried several different combination's of the remaining parts before going with the Warthog's bright yellow missiles and the Night Rhino's silver treads. I left a few of the Rhino's decals on, added a bunch of other decals and then went over the main body with dullcote. It matched the 25th Hiss tanks perfectly. And now I finally have a vehicle for my homeless Target Ultimate Battle Pack Hiss Driver.

I didn't mind the tan interior, but the headlights and the plastic around them didn't look right so they got a coat of Krylon Fusion Black. At some point I may paint the headlights silver or yellow, or maybe white, but right now I don't want to mess with it.

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