25th Anniversary Target Exclusive Hiss. Side cannon and storage box from 25th Anniversary VAMP. Gas cans and barrels from Power Team Elite.

I started of by completely disassembling the HISS.
I then dremeled off the bottom of the turret to fit the battery box for the lights. I positioned the lights and hot-glued them to the body. Then I sanded, primed and brush painted with Folk Art white. This was my first attempt at an arctic camo scheme and I am happy with the result.
I used gun metal gray and aluminum on the treads and wheels as well as the turret and cockpit. I used a black wash on the treads to add depth.
I cut the original cockpit and made the upper half into a frame. I used window screen as a steel mesh to protect the driver and I glued the lower half of the cockpit cover down after painting on a frame. I really never liked the full glass cockpit cover.
I also used window screen as a grille in the front where the headlight stickers usually are.
I applied the stickers after carefully trimming all the excess clear. I printed the D19 out on paper, cut it and used adhesive to stick it to the side.
The final step was to apply some Testor's dull coat to reduce the shine of the stickers.

Hope you enjoy!
-Cold Slither

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