Cobra HISS, Wolverine Turret, APG-65 Radar from a Monogram F-15C Eagle 1/48 Scale Model (mounted in the middle of the turret), Fusion Black Ultra Flat Camo Paint, Decals from ROC vehicles and

The Spitting Cobra (HISS-SC) is a modified HISS designed for second echelon service. It packs a lot of fire power and is designed to provide TMD (Theater Missile Defense) as well as Mobile SAM (Surface to Air Missile) support. Due to the increased height and slower mobility than a Stinger or standard HISS, Spitting Cobra's are deployed just behind the lines to provide another layer of protection from Joe fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Spitting Cobra's in tandem with Stingers provide a battlefield umbrella of air defense for Vipers, Troopers, CG's and all other combat personnel.

The system utilizes medium range dual seeker (ARM-Active Radar and IR- Infrared) fire and forget missiles. The internals have been modified due to the large size of the stock HISS ECM, Jamming, and other electronics have been utilized. The HISS-SC utilizes an AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar. The drivers helmet is a joint helmet-mounted cueing system (JHMCS). Data from the radar is displayed in the helmets visor and when visually tracked the operator/driver can engage a Dragonfly by looking at the target, engaging lock and firing.

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