One of the recent remakes of the A.W.E. Striker. Don't remember which, but it does not really matter. Thay are all basically the same. Used various Cobra stickers including some from the POC HISS which has a customizer's dream sticker sheet.

The Cobra S.C.A.B. is essentially based on the A.W.E. Striker blueprints which were "Aquired" during the first assault on The Pit in the late 80's. This design has been only slightly reworked to use lighter materials and a tweaked engine to produce higher horsepower and greater speeds. They serve many purposes hence the name, and can frequently be seen in use on the shores of Cobra island and as part of Cobra squadrons all over the world. They are a great addition to the Cobra vehicle line-up because they are cheaper than a HISS or Stinger to produce, and even if rolled by a rookie, can get back up and keep going. They also use many consumer grade parts, so repairs can be done by just about anyone with basic mechanical know how, some tools, and an auto parts store nearby.

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