Tires, brush guard and other little detail peices from an R/C truck
Various sised dowel rods for the frame and supports
Sheet plastic for the body and load bed
Various dollar store guns and tools for detail

When Russia needed a new cargo truck They looked to the commercial design bureau Lada. The designers gave them the M-826 cargo truck , far superior to any thing the army had for its support needs.

The M-826 tactical truck is a 18-ton capacity, four-wheel drive cargo truck used for transportation of all types of supplies. The truck features a passenger side load bead dropsied and tailgate for loading bulky materials. The M-826 series comes in six body styles: cargo, dump, wrecker, van and long wheel base cargo. Its central tire inflation system enables the crew to increase or decrease the air pressure in the tires to improve mobility on or off roads. It can tow 31,000 pounds.

There were 10,807 in the Soviet inventory in the early 1990s.

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