Base Vehicle: Skystriker v1
Decals: The 334th Joe Company

I found a pair of basket case Skystrikers for sale on eBay and got them for cheap. Over the course of a couple months I managed to purchase all the missing parts except for the springs that retract the rear landing gear doors. I stripped the decals off, gave them a good scrubbing to get the adhesive off and cleaned them up. I then took each plane apart down their parts and painted all the pieces in semi-gloss white. I painted the cockpit canopy framework and the vertical stabilizers semi-gloss black so as to match the box art and the style of the cartoon, a look I'd always liked better than the solid white.

While I had the planes broken down, I cut off the cog teeth from the wings that makes them fold in and out with the lever so that they can be opened and closed manually for room on my shelves or on the deck of the USS Flagg. The landing gear still raises and lowers with the use of the lever. I also cut the front of the canopy off and glued it to the front of the cockpit so as to look more like a real F-14 Tomcat.

Rick over at 334th was kind enough to supply me with some custom tail markings for the vertical stabilizers as well as some differing ID numbers for the nose and wings so that not every Skystriker I have is number 100.

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