1983 Skystriker
Repro Decals

Coated with a scientifically advanced, radar reflective protective paint, these seasoned combat crafts have been refurbished and re-equipped with the latest in high-impact armaments, giving G.I.Joe total air-superiority over Cobra! (From an original Sky Patrol package bio)

The Sky-Wing rarely saw any action during it's original "Sky Patrol" days, by the time the problems were worked out, "Sky Patrol" was being disbanded and the vehicles were being locked up.

On rare occasions, and secret missions, ACE was permitted access to the Sky Wing and completed his task. Rumor has it, the Sky Wing is still used today, unofficially and off the record, of course.

*** The Skystriker was taken to a factory to have it "chromed". No spray paint was involved in the body of the vehicle.

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