Main skull - Roboskull
Drones - RoC Rocket packs
Lower half - SW Octoptarra droid

The result of a diseased mind coupled with the resources to produce whatever nightmares could be conceived, The nuclear powered Red Terror is the insane scientist Red Mercury's first creation.

Built for the main purpose of instilling dread in his enemies, the Red Terror cuts a unforgettable shadow over every battlefield it wages war upon. At over 30 feet high and bristling with all manner of death dealing super weapons, the Red Terror can act as a siege engine, sentry, support weapon or just an extreme condition transport. Magnetic clamps in it's claws allow it to traverse virtually any surface, no matter the angle, and the detachable remote controlled air drones on either side of the main skull allow a devastating three pronged attack. Heavy lasers, air to air missiles, fusion cannons and smart rockets provide the firing power, whilst the mammoth claws are strong enough to tear down any defense or toss opposing tanks aside like toys.

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