Body: ROC Ice Dagger 'attack tower'
Legs :Bionicle Kliina and Hero Factory Stormer 2.0

The original A.S.P. is a very effective weapon. However, redeploying the piece can take time and this can detrimentally affect the outcome of the battle. The A.S.P.II was designed with this specifically in mind. The Mech is heavily armed but lightly armored. This is compensated through the vehicle's high speed and maneuverability.

The primary function of the A.S.P.II is as a tank destroyer, the Mechs tactics are to work in pairs or a larger squad and never engage the enemy directly. Instead A.S.P. II pilots are trained to ambush their prey.

The secondary function of the A.S.P.II is to provide support to troops in the field and to escort other Cobra vehicles.

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